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Conversion Modelling Guide
for Performance Marketers

The Guide

What is this guide about?

For a very long time, marketers have relied on using digital analytics and multi-touch attribution tools that track customer journeys using website cookies. However, knowing your customers’ complete path to conversion is no longer possible due to multiple tracking restrictions, privacy regulations, and cross-device shopping.

As a result, marketing teams struggle to measure true CPA, ROAS, Revenue and Conversions at channel or campaign level. Moreover, ad platforms are restricted in their optimisation and targeting capabilities due to incomplete feedback about the true value of each paid click.

Learn why future-thinking performance marketers are now switching to Conversion Modelling to tackle both of these challenges and drive better ROAS in a cookieless world.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What is a big problem in Performance Marketing

  • Why Multi-Touch Attribution is the new Last-Click Attribution

  • What is Conversion Modelling and how does it work

  • Most common use cases for Conversion Modelling

  • How Conversion Modelling improves Performance Marketing

  • How Conversion Modelling compares to other measurement technologies

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“SegmentStream helped us see the real picture of our cross-channel marketing performance, and what’s more important, to truly activate machine learning insights and improve the performance of our key digital advertising channels without human involvement.”

— Matthew Lawson, Chief Digital Officer, Ribble Cycles


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